Food and recipes - Unit 3 project 6th grade



We are a group of students of 6th grade in a school in Palleja (Barcelona), which is called Jacint Verdaguer.


We have created this blog to add some recipes that we have done in the last classes. In pairs or groups of three, we have chosen a meal that we have information or we just like it, and after that, we have looked for its ingredients and instructions. 


Some of the students, they have recorded a video in their houses cooking the meal. They are good video editors, you will see it in our publications.


Here you have all the meals that our chefs have created! We hope you enjoy reading our recipes.


Thank you!

students 6th grade Jacint Verdaguer Pallejà



Three Chocolates 




This dessert is a cake that is of

three different chocolates.It is done in 3/4 hour and it’s very easy to make.

It is a dessert and it is very elegant to presentate

In the table, and it is delicious.




-150g of white chocolate

-150g of black chocolate

-150g of milk chocolate

-3 packets of curd

-450 ml of milk

-450 ml of cream for reading

-3 teaspoon of sugar

-1 packet of biscuits

-1 mold



1-We crush  the packet of biscuits and we put  them on a mold.

2-We chop the tree chocolates and we put them away.

3-We put tweter 150 ml of milk and 150 ml of cream for reading and one teaspoon of sugar.

4-Put the half part of above mixture in a saucepan in the fire and we put together the black chocolate in the saucepan, we put the fire in the middle velocity for the xocolat melt.

5-To the another part of the above mixture we put a one packet of curd, we dissolve it until there aren’t lumps.

6- When the chocolate is dissolve, we put the mix of milk, cream of reading and curd. The chocolate has to be boiling, and remove from the fire.

7-We put the chocolat on a mold, and the old we put in the fridge.

8-We repeat the last process with the other two chocolates.

9-But when we put the other chocolat in the mold we have to scratch the last chocolate.

10- Enjoy this dessert  

  By Andrea and Guida


This is our video: 

By: Amaia & June


Lemon cake

This is a recipe of a lemon cake with the Thermomix: ideal to prepare it for coffee or breakfast. Try adding glass sugar on top .. Impressive !!



-200 g of sugar.

-Skin  of a lemon (only the yellow).

-3 eggs

-1  natural yoghurt or lemon yoghurt  (can be skimmed)

-100 g of oil of sunflower or soft olive.

-1 packet of of chemical yeast (~16gr, Royal)

-200 g de pastry flour.

-A pinch of salt.

-Glass sugar.


How to make:

1. First prepare the oven to 180ºC and prepare the greased mold.

2. Put the sugar in the glass clean and dry and program 30 seconds, progressive speed 5-10, to make glass sugar.

3. Add the lemon skin and program 20 seconds, progressive speed 5-10.

4. Put the eggs and program 2 minutes, temperature 37ºC, speed 3.

5. Add the yogurt and oil and mix 2 seconds, speed 3.

6. Incorporate the flour, salt and yeast and program 6 seconds, speed 4.

7. Finish mixing with the spoon and pour into the greased mold. Bake 35 minutes, at 180ºC, heat up and down.

8. You can put glass sugar to decorate.


This is our video:

Roasted meat and One Piece egg

By: Ferran, Alberto, Aleix

Hello, in this document we are going to make one of our favorite recipes, well let's hope you like it.                                  

Ingredients: 350gr Minced Chicken Meat      
10 slices of bacon
4 Chicken Thighs
1/2 Chopped Onion
2 Eggs
1 egg yolk
1/2 c.p. Sweet Paprika or Paprika
1/2 c.p. Black pepper
1/2 c.p. Garlic Powder
2 c.p. Soy sauce
1 c.p. Mustard
1 c.p. of honey



The first thing we are going to do is cut half an onion into very small pieces, put them in a bowl, cover them with aluminum foil and put them in the microwave for a minute.
Now prepare the chicken: we have to move from one end of the alita to the other with the help of scissors.
We have to cook two eggs for ten minutes, peel them and leave them for later.
In a bowl put the onion we had reserved next to a beaten egg yolk, half a teaspoon of black pepper, another of sweet paprika and another of garlic powder. We stir well, add the minced meat and stir again; we add the salt and we give it a final turn.

We go with the assembly of our meat roll.
We put five slices of bacon one after the other. We put half of the minced meat and the boiled egg in the middle.
Then we passed the chicken thighs through flour and put them on the ends of the egg.
We roll it carefully and ... ready.
With the oven preheated to 200º, we place the meat rolls with sulfated paper in the oven for seven minutes.

Now it's salsa
We put two small tablespoons of soy sauce, one honey and another mustard; stir well.
Remove the thighs from the oven and varnish liberally with the sauce. We return it to the oven for another seven minutes. We repeat the process of painting the meat and another seven minutes in the oven.
We repeat the process again, but this time we will leave it only five minutes inside the oven.
We add a little sesame and ... ready.


This is our video:


By: Amaia and Clara


Bucatini, also known as perciatelli, is a thick spaghetti-like pasta with a hole running through the center.


Ingredients for 6-8 people

50-70 g butter
100 g of flower, flour or pastry
1 liter of whole milk (if possible, pasteurized, not UHT)
Salt, pepper, nutmeg
150 g of chopped Iberian ham
Egg, flour, bread crumbs, abundant oil for frying




Once well stir-fried the flour and without having acquired color, add half of the cold milk - although many people prefer to add milk in 3 times, not in two. Mix with the spatula or the rods until the dough is thick and uniform. Add the other half of the milk and mix well. When the boil is broken, adjust the heat so that the dough is cooked gently but continuously. After 10-12 min. (at this point the dough begins to lose the smell of raw flour, to paste) add nutmeg, just a little salt and let it cook for 4-5 min. plus. Then add the ham and wait until the boil is still cooked another minute. Taste seasoning, rectify and pour the mixture into a large dish or other container. Allow to cool until set.

To form cocretas between two spoons, adjusting well one in another one to avoid that there is air in the interior. Pass through flour, egg and bread.

Heat the abundant oil (3-4 cm high) and fry them. Remove the excess fat by placing them on absorbent paper. Serve hot.


This is our video: 

By:Rocio and Katia


Flour: 300 grams
Milk: 400 ml
1 large spoonful of sugar
8 grams of yeast
a little salt
2 eggs
Milk: 400 ml
butter 1 tablespoon dessert
I warm up in the microwave


First put the flour in a bowl, then add the milk. When you put the milk put the large spoon of sugar, add the sugar, put the yeast in a whole spoon, a little salt, then eggs, again milk and we mix everything with the blender. After that, small spoon of the butter and put the same place as the ingredients, put everything if you want to be died, put it in the pot. After doing all this you start to draw.


This is our video:


Chili Crab


The crab with chili is from Singapur Asia, and the protagonist is the crab. It also has more ingredients like garlic, ginger, macadamia nuts, red chili, chicken broth, chili sauce etc. It was created in 1950 by the Singaporean chef Cher Yam Tian with her husband, Lim Choon Ngee.



  1. We prepare  the pasta of garlic and the ginger mixing all the ingredients in a mixer.

  2. When we have the pasta, we put in a wok with oil and we fry for a minute.

  3. We left the crabs in chunks and we crush the tweezers. We add in the wok with the pasta of garlic and ginger.

  4. We add the chicken soup, the sauce of chili, the one of tomato, the sugar and the ketchup. We leave cooking between 15 minutes.

  5. So that the sauce thickens we add water, cornstarch and the egg mixed.We leave some minutes mixing the ingredients.

  6. We serve the dish with fresh cilantro ...



Steaks of San Pedro

By: June and Nekane

This food is from Australia, the fish of San Pedro lives in Australian waters, including the port of Sydney. It is a very popular fish in the local cuisine.


  1. Put the butter to fry in a skillet. Chop the garlic and the onion and mix. Put Pepper,the cava and the tarragon. Season and let reduce for between 10 minutes.

  2. Cut the pumpkin in triangles and cook between 10 minutes over low heat in a pan with a little oil.

  3. Put the pistachios on a double layer of kitchen paper, cover them with more paper, crush them with a fork and pass them on the rolling pin.

  4. Remove the skin of the fish of San Pedro, sprinkle them, coat them with pistachios and fry them in a pan with plenty of oil.

  5. Drain them, serve them on a plate and accompany them with sliced beet, stewed pumpkin and sauce. Decorate with a branch of parsley.






For the base: 100 g of oreo cookies without the cream and 40 g of butter.

For the filling:

250 ml of whipping cream.

100 ml of milk.

1 tablespoon of gelatin powder.

250 soft cheese spread.

60 g of sugar

Cream oreo cookies from the base.


how is it done?


  1. First, separate the cream from the cookies on one side the cookies and on the other the cream.

  2. Then we put the butter on it and let it cool.

  3. In a plate of cold water we put the gelatin in sheets or if you do not have in sheets you put directly with the mixture.

  4. To the cream of the biscuits that we have prepared we add the sugar and the cheese philadelphia and  mix it.

  5. Once you call this right, we throw the milk and continue to soak it over medium heat.

  6. When there are no lumps of cheese we remove it from the fire, we take the gelatin that we had in the water and drain. This step is very important. Once drained we put it in the mixture and we patch until it is integrated.

  7. Once integrated we let it cool.

  8. While it is cooling, we crush the cookies that we have set aside. The butter that we left before we add it to the crushed cookies. We are not crushed more than the half.

  9. We throw everything in the mold we leave it in the fridge.

  10. When you take it out, sprinkle it over.

  11. It is ready to serve. By:katia and Rocio


This is our video:


By: Albert and Marc de la Fuente





  • 4 Sausages

  • Half a kilo of minced meat

  • Red pepper and green mushrooms

  • 225 mil·lilitres of barbecue sauce

  • 150 grams of beans or canned chilies

  • 1 full tablespoon of oregano

  • 1 full tablespoon  of cumin

  • Cheese (Striped)

  • Fried onion

  • Hot dog Bread



how to make them?

To start a red pepper we cut the culin and we cite the white pieces, cut it into squares and the same with the green pepper. We take a mushroom and cut the trunk and laminate it into small squares and cook the minced meat when you have the characteristic color. We toss the peppers and the mushrooms, the teaspoon of oregano, the cumin, we add the tin of crushed tomato, the barbecue sauce and the beans and we leave our mixture for half an hour at medium heat and we take a sausage and split it in half and cook it. Once we have all the ingredients we take hot dog bread and we open it by the cut we did previously, we put two tablespoons of our chilli, we add the cheese we want and a little bit of onion fried.


This is our video: 


By: Hector Martínez and Marc Muñoz


1- Pasta

2- Pinneaple

3- Turkey

4- Tomato

5- Mayonaisse


First step:

We put the pasta in a large pot and let it boil 10 or 15 minutes

Second step:
After the pasta has boiled put in a colander to remove all the water and leave it 20 minutes to cool.

Third step:
While the pasta is cold, you can start making the mayonnaise and cut the pineapple, tomatoes and turkey.
We put the mayonnaise in the fridge

Fourth step

After the pasta has boiled put in a colander to remove all the water

Fifth step:


After that, cut the cheese and put the turkey in a small dish, you take out the pasta and put it in a large vol. We put it all together in the vol.

Step five:

Remove the mayonnaise from the fridge and introduce it into the salad

I hope you enjoyed cooking with us



This is our video:




To do a cupcake we will need:


-Chips of colors


-A bowl

-A mixer

-200 grams of sugar

-300 grams of flour

-120 milliliters of oil

-Vanilla extract

-2 eggs

-15 grams of yeast

-And some salt


Hello we are Martí and Daniel and we are going to talk about a popular recipe of a lot of places in the world, the most typical place is Italy.


The first thing we have to do is take a bowl and two eggs, we have to beat the eggs until they are well beaten. The next thing we have to do is put in another bowl 200 grams of sugar and in another bowl 300 grams of flour. In a small glass we put 120 milliliters of oil and in another glass 120 ml of milk also. To beat the eggs you add the sugar also add oil, milk, a pinch of salt, yeast and flour. Once all are shaked, add a bit of the vanilla extract so that it tastes good.


Once we have the mixture made we put it in the cupcakes containers and bake it at 180 degrees heat for 30 minutes.


Once the cupcakes are well formed we make a nice shape with the cream then we put the colored shavings on top and we put it to finish a sweet top.


These are our cupcakes, let's try them.


There are delicious.



Chocolate cake

sandra & clara

Hello we are Sandra and Clara, we make a chocolate cake with guy bears, balls of chocolate, lacasitos, colored spaghetti,  ladybugs, blue balls, clouds and golden and silver balls.



-1 yoghurt

-4 eggs

-2 cups of sugar

-a half cup of olive oil

-3 cups of flour

-lemon zest

-yeast package


First you put the yoghurt on the turbomix and the eggs in another bowl and then put it in the turbomix, you put the sugar in the cup of yoghurt, all the cup. Then put the olive oil in half of the cup of yoghurt. Now we put the flour in the cup yoghurt, and the yeast, and the zest, And after that we add margarine and flour in the recipient and put the mass into the recipient. Prepare the oven dough at one hundred and eighty degrees, and now we will cover the cake with chocolate. At the end, we can decorate the cake with sweets… This is our wonderful cake... And the best is to eat it!


This is our video: